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You know the saying, "A well trained dog is a happy dog", well it's true, but it goes way beyond this.  A well trained dog is a great family member, a brilliant play mate for other dogs and a trusted companion. 

A well trained dog can be trusted to listen, play well with other dogs, be off the lead, and be an obedient friend.  What's not to like about that?! 

Training my own dogs was all new to me, I had trained dogs in the past but Mila was my first own dog and training her with the emotions that go with the dog being my own was a challenge.  Mila was a typical puppy, bitey, a little naughty, totally not aware of what a lead was and how to walk on one.  She was oblivious to the difference between going to the loo inside versus outside (am sure sometimes she would hold it in outside and empty her bowels as soon as we got back in on purpose) and my little baby Mila chewed through not one, but two, mac cables.  

The good news is that training is possible and here are a few top tips to make it that bit easier.

Consistency - It's key folks, keep it up!  Repeat, repeat and repeat again. consistently reward the behaviour too when your dog gets it right. 

Praise - Praise is a big one, Mila absolutely thrived off the praise, she loved when she knew she got something right, kisses, fur ruffles, good boy/girl, cuddles, ALL THE PRAISE!! Positive reinforcement is a must. Your dog will pick up on your frustrations if you focus on their negative behaviours rather than rewarding the positive, and this will only create stress which makes learning harder.

Treats - Having the right treats to hand is a must! Sadly some high street treats are full of additives, preservatives and derivatives, take a moment and read the ingredients of some treats and you'll be shocked at the poor quality and how little meat or fish is in them. 

High value treats like our Pate Sausages work amazingly well, they are 100%  pure, natural, trainer recommended and delicious. They contain absolutely nothing else but meat or fish so no nasties at all! 


Our Pate Sausages are so versatile.  You can slice it and dice it and it makes the perfect on the go training treat and it's perfect for pups from 4 weeks old! 

Fun - Make learning fun too, training is brilliant for building relationships and bonding. Training as part of a walk or play session is perfect! 

Remember that training is an ongoing process and it is important to keep the training up. It can be easily forgotten so use it or lose it! keeping up with even the most basic tricks and commands will help them stay fresh in your dog's mind! 


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