Dealing With The Ultimate Baby Shark!

Dealing With The Ultimate Baby Shark! - PetBuddy

Baby Shark, doo-doo, doo-dooBaby Shark, doo-doo, doo-doo

Dem teeth.... ouch!!  I remember when my babies, Mila and Enzo were pups. These beautiful little floofs had nothing less than mini machetes in their mouths.  Mila's bite place of choice was the bingo wing and Enzo's was the ear lobe, both not nice and super painful. 

While it’s totally normal behaviour in a pupper, there are ways to get through this stage with our "cutting-edge" advice, see what I did there..

There are plenty of reasons why puppies love to bite and chew. Teething is a big one. Your puppy teethes like a baby and they often choose to relieve their discomfort by chomping down on something, whether that’s a chew, toy, a chair leg or indeed, an ear lobe. Dogs also explore the world with their mouths and noses and this is especially true for little pups. They learn by investigating various textures and objects. 

Biting can also happen when puppies get over-excited when playing and get a little mouthy. Enzo would bite to get my attention and to stop me touching his bum which he hated.  Every time I tried to wash his bum, out his little razor teeth came.  

There is good news though and here at PetBuddy we can help! I found with my babies that re-direction really helped to teach them how to satisfy their need to bite and chew in more appropriate way. 

We supple a whole host of tasty and satisfying natural treats to chew on which are far more appropriate things to put in their mouths than your fave slipper, or in Enzo's case, the corner of my laptop screen.  RIP Mac.. 

Our very popular Braided Lamb Skin is the perfect chew for a teething pupper.  It's odourless, braided for extra toughness and 100% natural! It's the best chew for dogs over 12 weeks! 


If your dog's chew of choice is the chair leg, try our amazing Olivewood chew. Made from olive trees and soaked in olive oil, it's a great calorie free chew that is sure to save your poor chairs.

Yelping out when your fur baby bites sadly won't help, it's more likely to excite them as they respond to high pitched noises. It’s best to stay as calm as possible and redirect them to an appropriate alternative such as tasty chew by making that much more interesting than your bingo wings! 

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