About Us

PetBuddy is my business offering 100% ethically sourced and sustainably produced pure treats for dogs, as well as accessories, toys and harnesses, leads and everything else to make your dog look and feel the part. 

Ran by me, Luisa, a huge animal lover, and my CEO, my Toy Poodle, Mila.

Mila takes some serious bribing to do any work and mostly acs as a chief taster for our range of treats, but I couldn't do it without her. 

I have chosen things that my own dog loves, all of our treats are responsibly sourced, hand picked by me. Everything you find here are things I really like giving to my own dogs. 

Have a browse and don't hesitate to let me know if there are things you would like us to try and source and we'll do our best to find them. 

Don't forget to follow our journey on instagram @pet_buddy_uk

With woof, Luisa and Mila x