Rainy-Day Dog Walk Essentials

Rainy-Day Dog Walk Essentials

Many dogs do not enjoy walking in the rain (I mean who does??). However, making sure your dog gets their daily exercise is also extremely important. We thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of rainy-day dog walk essentials, to make your dog’s rainy-day walk as comfortable as possible.


Just like humans, most dogs also like to be covered up and kept dry and warm when they go for walks in the rain. Buying your dog a raincoat can prevent them from getting sick, which means that you will not have to pay a ridiculous amount at the vet in order to treat them. Raincoats are perfect for dogs who are not keen on walking in the rain, with a raincoat they will feel that bit more protected and ready for their walk.

Use a Safe and Secure Harness

During harsh weather, dogs can become quite stressed and anxious. Convincing them to go on a walk in harsh weather can be quite the task. Once you are on the walk, a lot of dogs can still feel this anxiety that they felt before they left which can make walking extremely difficult and sometimes it can be dangerous. To avoid any of this happening you will want to purchase a safe and secure harness. Having a harness will ensure that you and your dog will remain safe whilst walking in the miserable weather.

Shorter Walks

To ensure that your dog gets enough exercise while the weather is bad, you can do some indoor activities with them such as nose work games or hide and seek. Try some games that will require them to use their brains and need them to move to really tire them out. 

Visible Lead and Harness

When the weather is bad. our visibility can get quite bad and it can be hard for us to see into the distance. Drivers will also have their visibility obscured which means it is important for you and your dog to wear bright clothing, collars, harnesses, and leads in order to stand out in the rain. If you are putting a raincoat on yourself or your dog, make sure to look for one that has reflective stripes on them. Anything that helps you to be seen in the bad weather helps you and your dog to keep safe while on your walk.

Dry Towel

Once you have finally made it home from your walk in the rain, make sure that you have left a dry towel by the door, so you can wipe your dog down and give them a good dry. Drying your dog as soon as you get through the door, lessens the chance of them making a mess of your house, which is the last thing you want after being out in the rain.

These are 5 of our rainy dog walk essentials. At PetBuddy, we offer a range of dog essentials including dog treats, dog harnesses, dog toys and so much more. Visit our website to view our range of pet essentials.

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