5 Steps to get your dog to exercise

5 Steps to get your dog to exercise

When you are a dog owner it is important to keep your dogs fit and healthy, this means that they need plenty of exercise. It is crucial for dogs, like humans to have an exercise routine. A lot of the time, dogs tend to be quite enthusiastic when it comes to exercising, however, there may still be times when they need that extra push. Below I have provided some tips on how you can get your dog to exercise.

Play Some Fetch

Most dogs love a game of fetch and this game is a fantastic form of exercise. You can play a game of fetch literally anywhere as long as you have the space (and nothing breakable is nearby). Grab a ball, a stick, or one of your dog’s favourite toys and ask them to go and get it for you. This could take a bit of training at first, so in order to train them, each time they bring their fetch item back to you, you could give them one of their favourite dog treats in order to encourage them at to begin with. Once your dog learns the skill and listens to the command, it will become a fun game for them to enjoy.

Walk or Run

This is the easiest exercise to train your dog to do. When you first begin to walk them, keep the walks down to around 20 minutes and then gradually increase the time. Once your dog is comfortable walking, you can try to increase the pace by going on a light jog or a run. If your dog isn’t doing any other physical activity, you will want to make sure that they are walking for around 45-60 minutes a day.

Nose Work Games

This is a great way to keep your dog active and entertained. Nose work games are fun, versatile, and mentally stimulating for your dog. A great nose work game is chopping up some small treats such as apples and hiding them throughout the house. If your dog hasn’t played this game before, you might want to begin with treats that have a strong smell so they can get the hang of it. To begin the game, have your dog start off in the stay position while you hide treats around the house, again if this is your dog’s first time, start off with some easy hiding spots like in one of our Snuffle Mats or Snuffle Balls.


Once you have hidden the treats, release your dog, and keep the game as fun, engaging, and encouraging as you can. Once they get the hang of the game, you can begin to hide the treats in harder spots. This will teach your dog to start relying on their natural smelling abilities to find the treats rather than just relying on their visual ability.

Take Your Dog Swimming

Swimming is a fantastic exercise for dogs. Swimming is more low impact compared to walking or jogging and it is great for their mobility. Swimming is a non-weight-bearing exercise that can help to increase your dog’s range of motion and help to build muscle mass. Have a look online and see if there are any dog-friendly hydrotherapy centres that can help your dog with their swimming. If your dog is new to swimming, remember to take it slow as they may find it overwhelming at first, they need to ease into it.

Agility Training

This is perfect for dogs that are overactive. There are yoga classes that are designed for dogs. This is a great form of exercise for those dogs that are overly active. Have a look around your local area for these types of classes and get your dog registered. These classes can help your dog to remain fit, whilst you are also working out with them. It is a win-win situation.

These are all the ways that you can help your dog stay more active and get more daily exercise. If you are interested in any dog training treats, then visit us here at Pet Buddy. We have a range of treats and toppers that your dog will love. Visit our website to view our range.


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