Getting veggies into your dog's diet

Getting veggies into your dog's diet - PetBuddy

If your dog is anything like mine, veggies are treated like an alien object never to be consumed.  I aways thought I would have dogs like the ones in the funny videos who gobble up broccoli, cronch down on a french bean and even snap up a sprout.  But alas no, my Mila and Enzo are veg dodgers through and through, eating around sweetcorn when I add it to their good, spitting out bits of peppers however small I chop them. 

But veggies are a crucial part of our dog's diets, they are an important source of fibre and contain lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidents that are not found in meat.  

Have you ever tried dehydrating vegetables?  Well I have and let me tell you, it's a game changer!  Dehydrating veg makes them chewy and some dogs are all about texture. This way you know exactly what you are giving your pup and know it's 100% natural. 

Also cooking veg changes the texture and also releases lots of yummy smells, dogs work things out through smell so filling the air with the scents of tasty veggies may work a treat! 

Sometimes it's a case of offering nothing else and waiting it out and other times, finding something that your dog will love that already contains lots of vegetables.  

Our Veggie Bakes contain no fewer than 10 different types of fruit and vegetables, including sweet potato, apple, coconut and courgette! These have been a sure fire hit with Mila and Enzo. It gets lots of the right fibres, vitamins and minerals in them and they don't turn their little brown noses up at them! 


Try these tips above and let me know how you get on! 


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