Glucosamine, the secret ingredient for your dog's joints.

Glucosamine, the secret ingredient for your dog's joints. - PetBuddy

Did you know there's a way to keep your dogs joints nice and healthy from as young as 12 weeks old?  That's right, the miracle ingredient, Glucosamine is essential in cartilage building and keeping your pup's joints strong, healthy and flexible. 

Glucosamine is produced naturally in your dog's body, it forms the building blocks of cartilage, but it can also be found in lots of tasty foods like chicken feet, mussels, bone marrow, bones, beef and lamb! 



As dog's age, cartilage erodes (I know, sniff sniff) which means that bones will rub more closely together, causing pain and inflammation. Less Glucosamine is produced as dogs get older as it naturally becomes harder. 

That's why adding extra Glucosamine to your dog's diet is so important, to replace the cartilage building blocks that your dog can't make themselves.

Staying as happy and mobile as possible for as long as possible is the aim for our dogs right, so extra Glucosamine is a must! It reduces inflammation, maintains youthful energy and movement and helps with recovery, contributing to a quicker recovery. When dog's feel better, they are happier, that's what we want right?! 


How can we help at PetBuddy?

You can absolutely give you dog Glucosamine in the form of tablets, but as it's naturally produced in your dog's better, it's believed to keep it as natural as possible.  Chicken Feet are an amazing natural source of Glucosamine and they are one of our most popular cronchy treats. Beef Trachea are great too and we have plenty of these! 

If you know anything about us, you'll know that we believe that natural is best. So why not take a look at what we do and how we can help keep your dog as healthy as possible for as long as possible! 



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