5 freezing cold day activities to enjoy with your dog

5 freezing cold day activities to enjoy with your dog
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It's a cold start to 2024 and we're definitely feeling the cold here at PetBuddy. These chilly days can be tricky for both you and your pup and make walks very brisk and not necessarily enjoyable.  

We’ve pulled together a few ideas for some bonding time during those miserable freezing cold days:

1. Master some new tricks

A super cold day is the perfect time to learn some new tricks indoors. It's amazing for keeping brains active, relieving boredom and great for bonding time between you and your pup, what could be better that that?! We have an amazing range of natural training treats to help with this.


Small fluffy white puppy giving their paw to their owner

2. A Pamper Day 

Who doesn't love a good pamper! Why not give your dog a lovely bath, a little pawdicure, a relaxing brush and a spritz with a little doggy pawfume to keep them smelling fresh. If your dogs are anything like mine, they love nothing more than a lovely long snooze after after a bath! 

3. Let's Go Shopping!

Why not treat them to some new snacks and toys? A quick look on our website and you'll see a huge range of natural treats and ethically produced toys for every dog. Big, medium or small, we've got every dog covered. I'm certain you'll find the perfect gift for your pup!

4. Host a playdate with your dog's pawpals! 

If your dog isn't out seeing their pals because of the cold, you could host an indoor play date! Give your dog the chance to show off all their toys and best places to play at home. Could you take turns with the pawrents of your dog's besties so they can enjoy new environments, smells and places to explore. 

 Two dogs playing tug with a toy inside a home

5. Pimp up your dogs meals and snacks!

Bored of the bowl? Why not make meal and snack times much more interesting for your pup?!  Hide their kibble around the house, use a Lickimat to create a varied and enriching meal, use toys to stuff with their snacks.  Take a look around your house and see what you can use.. tea towels to wrap up kibble, old toilet roll holders, old milk bottles, you'd be surprised what you can use! 

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