The Top 5 Long Lasting Treats For Your Dog.

The Top 5 Long Lasting Treats For Your Dog.
A question we get asked a lot is "What is the best long lasting treat for my dog?" This really does vary between your dog's breed, size, intolerances and so on. Most dog owners these days want to give their dog healthy, natural, high quality, treats that are safe and that they will enjoy to snack on.

In our experience, every dog has different likes and dislikes but some treats really do seem to have that edge and are consistently are our best sellers.  Here we run through 5 of the best long lasting treats for your dog… let us know which one you think your pup dog would love best!

1. Best Long Lasting Dog Treats: Ostrich Bone

Small fluffy dog eating ostrich bone against blue background

Ostrich Bone 

Our Ostrich Bones are a brilliant long lasting treat. They’re suitable for all breeds for dogs over 12 weeks old. Ostrich Bones can help with teething puppies and are great fore keeping your dog busy and entertained. 

In particular, these might be the best dog treats for your dog if they need a hypoallergenic or low fat diet. They're amazing for lasting ages, perfect for water play as they float and suitable for small and big dogs alike. 

For more low fat and hypoallergenic Ostrich treats, check out our whole Ostrich Range now. 

2. Best Long Lasting Dog Treats: Beef Tails

Brown and White dog holding beef tail in their mouth against a white background

Beef Tails

Our air dried Beef Tails make a great long lasting dog treat which will keep your dog entertained for a good while! With a high cartilage content, these help to strengthen jaw muscles and keep teeth clean and healthy!

Our Beef Tails contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin to promote good joint health and are a natural source of Calcium and Phosphorous for bone support. 

If your dog is needs a high protein, low fat snack that will last a while,  this treat may well be the one for you. As well as being long lasting, these Beef Tails from PetBuddy are totally natural too! 

3. Best Long Lasting Dog Treats: Yak Chews

Short haired dog sniffing yak chew against pale background

Yak Chews

Yak is incredible and perfect for dog's and owners who need a long lasting treat that is a little less "animal" and is odourless. 

Yak is so tough and versatile, will last forever, is made from Himalayan pasture fed Yak's milk.  With no additives or preservatives, PetBuddy Yak Chews are vegetarian, grain and gluten free and are simply dried for a hard wearing, longer lasting treat for your pup.

Did you know that you can pop the last bit in the microwave for a delicious Puffed Cheese Treat.  Simply wet it under the tap and pop in the microwave for 30 seconds and watch it puff up again for an extra crunch snack.

PetBuddy's Natural Yak Chews start from £3.99 so if you need a cost effective long lasting chew, this is the one for you. 

4. Best Long Lasting Dog Treats: Braided Lamb

Small dapple sausage dog chewing on white braided lamb on grass

Braided Lamb

Your dog is sure to love our Braided Lamb!  If your dog is in need of an odourless snack that is 100% natural and healthy, then PetBuddy's Braided Lamb is one to make sure that you always have in the treat cupboard.  

The fact that it has zero odour and the triple plait means it's always a best seller.  We've got puppies and older dogs covered with our smaller 15CM size and our 30CM pieces too, both long lasting and both delicious and firm faves in our house.

Our top selling Braided Lamb is high in protein, low in fat and hypoallergenic so are perfect for those dogs with allergies or sensitivities to beef or pork. They're easily digestible, make a great anytime snack and are perfect for enrichment and promoting good dental hygiene.

5. Best Long Lasting Dog Treats: Lamb Trotters

Black cockapoo dog lying on grass holding lamb trotter in paws

Lamb Trotters

PetBuddy Lamb Trotters are so popular in our Long Lasting Dog Treats collection and for good reason!  

Lamb Trotters are super hard, great for building jaw muscles and cleaning teeth and they make a lower fat alternative to Pig's Trotters. They're brilliant for more aggressive chewers and are hypoallergenic.  

Did you know that Longer lasting chews releases endorphins for good mental health?  Our Lamb Trotters will certainly boost your pup's mood as well as keeping them trim with their low fat content. 

PetBuddy's Lamb Trotters are also high in protein which aids muscle and tissue repair and with the cell building powerhouse of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, what could be better?! 

Why not check out the full range of Long Lasting Treats on our website today. Is there a long lasting snack your dog loves, let us know by commenting on our blog below! 

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