From Rawhide to Right Choices: Selecting Safer Treats for Your Pooch

From Rawhide to Right Choices: Selecting Safer Treats for Your Pooch - PetBuddy

Have you seen Rawhide snacks in the shops and confused about it? Is it dangerous or is it not?  Why would shops sell it if it was so bad? 

You're right to be concerned and we're here to tell you why it's to be avoided and to offer up some natural and healthy alternatives! 

Intrigued? Then read on to see why we're fighting the good fight against Rawhide and find some excellent alternatives for nasty Rawhide for dogs.

In the world of dog ownership, the search for the perfect treat is ongoing. Rawhide has long been a popular choice for dog owners aiming to satisfy their pooch's chewing instincts.  The question of what constitutes a safe treat for our four-legged friends is more important than ever with dog treats coming under scrutiny for their health implications. 

Why do dogs love Hide?

Dog's love to chew, it's natural and the chewing instinct remains strong in most dogs, particularly in puppies. Hide is long lasting so it keeps pups busy and out of mischief. Chewing in dogs can release anxiety and frustration too. 

Long-lasting Hide Chews are great for relieving boredom and giving dogs a focus. Chews are great for teeth cleaning too for tiring our your doh.

Not only are they healthy, long-lasting and moreish but they’re 100% natural, and safe for your dog to gnaw away on. Unlike traditional Rawhide. 

 So, you can get natural and safe Hide products and then Rawhide which is not so good and certainly not safe. 

 What exactly is Rawhide ?

Would you be shocked if I told you that Rawhide is not actually meant to be eaten and is incredibly dangerous? You may wonder "why would shops like Pets at Home" sell it if it's so bad?  The answer really is profit margins. Rawhide is very cheap to produce and is made in countries where safety regulations are very poor.

The reality is that Rawhide is a waste product of the leather industry and is made from the inner layer of either cow or horse skin, it's bleached, chemically treated, dehydrated and turned into a dog chew.

Also, the risk of Rawhide goes beyond the immediate physical dangers. The chemical treatment of Rawhide not only poses a potential threat from the ingestion of harmful substances but also contradicts the growing preference among pet owners for more natural and wholesome dog treats and chews. As awareness of these risks spreads, the need for safer and natural alternatives to Rawhide has surged, prompting us to question what we are putting into our dog's bodies. The shift towards more natural and health-conscious treats reflects a broader understanding of pet wellbeing. 

The risk of Rawhide in dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies is so much higher. For these pups, Rawhide can increase their symptoms and make them worse, leading to an increased chance of vomiting, diarrhoea, and a general poorly state. 

The most common risks with traditional rawhide 

  • Rawhide isn’t meant to be eaten. So, where is it going when your dog is chewing on it? Well, your dog is eating it... 
  • Rawhide is treated with chemicals and bleach, who would really feed their dog bleach?! It's then glued, I mean come on, what natural treat is shaped like a shoe?!
  • Rawhide is prone to splintering when a dog chews on it, which is extremely dangerous. Sharp pieces can pierce the intestines, the gullet and the rest of the digestive tract and beyond.
  • Rawhide chews can cause choking and blockages which often result in your dog having to have surgery to be removed. It's difficult for your dog's body to process and break down so can can sit in the stomach for months without breaking down or passing through the digestive tract. Your dog is then more likely to have life threatening blockages. 

The totally safe alternative: PetBuddy 100% natural Braided Lamb Skin!

Rawhide is hideous, I'm not afraid to put it out there, it's dangerous and places who sell it should be ashamed, bold I know but it's the truth!  Why sell something they know is so dangerous. I come from then standpoint of Pets before Profits, always! 

Our Braided Lamb Skin is 100% natural, simply cleaned in water, braided by hand and air dried, there's zero chemicals used, no preservatives, additives, no glue, nothing that isn't as nature intended. It's tough so lasts a while and is totally digestible! 

 What are the benefits of Braided Lamb Skin for dogs?

Braided Lamb Skin is one of the best and safest, most nutritious options when it comes to long-lasting dog chews. Here’s why our Braided Lamb Skin is the safe alternative to Rawhide, and why we’re so proud to be able to offer this product to you and your dogs:  

✓  Made with 100% Lamb Skin meaning:

  • They’re delicious and low fat so a real guilt free chew
  • They're Hypoallergenic and great for your pups with a sensitive tum
  • There's not a single bit of gluten in them and they're grain free
  • They're made with human grade products so are super sustainable
  • They're air dried to maintain all the natural goodness 
  • They contain no toxic chemicals

Our Braided Lamb Skin is a long lasting chew so will keep your dog busy for hours on end. As it’s a 100% natural chew and so satisfying to chew with no sharp edges, your dog will love it and you can stay worry-free.

The responsibility for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of dogs lies both with owners but as our industry as a whole. This responsibility demands a proactive approach towards us as businesses producing, and you as owners choosing the right treats.  

As businesses we should be scrutinising what we produce and sell, be informed about how these treats are sourced and made, steering clear of those that contain harmful chemicals or that may pose any risks. The search for the ideal treat is not just about avoiding potential hazards, but also about enhancing a dog's diet with nutritious options that cater to their specific health needs and preferences.

Luckily, here at PetBuddy you'll never see a single ounce of Rawhide in anything we produce, we really care about your dogs and are committed to keeping them healthy and safe. 



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