5 Ways To Encourage Good Behaviour In Your Puppy

5 Ways To Encourage Good Behaviour In Your Puppy

Puppies are a cute bundle of energy but they do require quite a bit of guidance, discipline, and training. This is to ensure that they develop into well-behaved, happy and obedient dogs. Early interactions in a puppy’s life are extremely important for their development. Here are 5 ways in which you can encourage good behaviour in your puppy.

Establish A Routine

Establishing a routine for your puppy will help them to understand what is expected of them and when. This can include their regular meals, toilet breaks, walking times, playtime, etc. Establishing a routine is especially great if you have quite an anxious puppy, try and keep things as normal as possible in their day-to-day life. Creating a routine and a nurturing, safe environment for your puppy is the best way to get them to trust you. Once they trust you they will be more open to engaging in good behaviour.

Reward Good Behaviour

Rewarding your puppy when they do something good will help you to reinforce good behaviour. You can reward their good behaviour by giving them healthy and natural treats or verbal praise. When it comes to rewarding their good behaviour, do not just limit it to treats that they can eat based on their age.  Our Pure Training Treats are perfect for puppies over 4-weeks. Be sure to reward their good behaviour with positive verbal praise, cuddles, petting them etc. If you reward your puppy every time they do good behaviour then they will repeat this behaviour, dogs are very intelligent animals and can pick up on things and routines quite quickly.

Encourage Relaxation Time

Similar to humans, releasing energy is important so try and encourage your puppy to relax. If your dog gets enough exercise then the relaxation time afterwards should come naturally to them. However if your dog has excess energy, reward the times that they stay calm in order to reinforce this behaviour. Schedule relaxation time into their routine so they know what to expect everyday. Getting your dog into a regular relaxation routine ensures that they can be adaptable in any situation.

Redirect Bad Behaviour

If your puppy is exhibiting bad behaviour, then it is important to redirect their attention to something that is more appropriate. This can be done by providing an alternative activity or by redirecting their focus to something else. If they are behaving badly try and ignore this behaviour, for example, if they are barking too much or they nip at you then turn and walk away. If your dog is chewing on something that they shouldn’t be, do not yell at them instead replace the thing that they are chewing on with a long lasting treat or a toy. If you do this then you are showing them that you don’t want them to chew on something but you are also redirecting their attention to something else instead.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is essential for puppies and dogs. Exercise helps to keep them healthy, and helps to tire them out. Regular exercise can help to keep their minds active and curb bad behaviour. Exercise and training is so important for your puppy in order to keep them in a positive state of mind. If your dog has some pent up energy and isn’t able to release that energy this could result in some destructive and bad behaviour which is something that we do not want as dogs can get bored and restless very easily. Thus it is important to occupy your dog by taking them out for regular walks and playtimes.

Encouraging good behaviour in your puppy does take time and work, however if you execute these tips you will have a well behaved pup in no time. At PetBuddy we sell a lot of dog supplies such as dog treats, leads, harnesses, toys, etc. If you are interested in treating your new pup then please feel free to visit our website.

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