Puppy Power Bundle Box


"My little Bonnie loves everything in this box, it's such value for money too!" - Holly, Hoomum to Bonnie.

You want your puppy to have the very best at this important stage in their life and this is where we come in. Our Bundle Box is jammed packed with totally natural and tasty snacks and also perfect natural dental chews to satisfy that natural chewing instinct. 

A great gift for dogs from 12 weeks old. 

Inside your Puppy Power Bundle Box you will find;

1 x Small YakYak is perfect for a good old chew, made from Himalayan Yak's milk, smoked and hardened, a brilliant chew. 

Rabbit Training Treats - Made from 100% pure Rabbit! Hypoallergenic, tasty and simply air dried, perfect for training in our Snuffle Balls and Mats. 

Buffalo Puppy Chew It's - Perfect for teething puppies and great for teeth flossing! 

Salmon Sticks - These delicious Salmon Sticks are made from noting more than pure Salmon, a perfect fishy treat! 

Ostrich Curls - Naturally hypoallergenic, meaty and soft, perfect for puppies!

Braided LambMade from air dried Lamb Skin, rawhide free and odourless! 

Desmond Duck Eco Dog Toy - Desmond is perfect for a good chew and game of tug, he's made of sustainable and natural fibres. 

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