Hypoallergenic Bundle Box


"Teddy needs a hypoallergenic diet so this bundle box is perfect, all his fave treatos in one box!" - Laura, Hoomum to Teddy.

Our Hypoallergenic Bundle Boxes are filled with absolutely delicious natural treats which are free common allergens.  All perfectly air dried to maintain all the natural goodness for your dog. 

Inside your Hypoallergenic Bundle Box you will find;

Ostrich Training Treats - Ostrich is a really novel and low fat protein, the perfect Training Treat. 

Braided Lamb - Made from air dried Lamb Skin, rawhide free and odourless! 

Seabass Sticks - Made from 100% pure Seabass, a lovely fishy treat. 

Camel Skin - Our Camel is nice and tough for a good old chew.  

Venison Flatties - A really nice jerky chew that's perfect for sensitive tums. 

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