JR Pet Products Braided Ostrich Skin Dog Treats


"Who even knew that dogs could eat Ostrich?! Loki loves Ostrich Skin, it's so low fat and guilt free" - Geraldine, Hoomum to Loki.

Our 100% Braided Ostrich Skins are high lean protein and very LOW fat dog treats, with no additives or preservatives, it makes a great novel protein! 

Hypoallergenic for dog's with sensitive tums, it's odourless and great for satisfying the natural chewing instinct.

Key benefits of our Braided Ostrich Skin;

  • Hypoallergenic
  • A novel protein and perfect for dogs with a sensitive stomach
  • Great for teeth cleaning
  • Totally odourless
  • Low fat dog treats

Chew rating 2 - Needs some effort.

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