Enrichment Bundle Box


"I've been looking for things to help with enrichment for while and this box is perfect, the Snuffle Ball is great quality in particular!" - Ellie, Hoomum to Benji.

Keep your dog busy with our Enrichment Bundle Box! Our Natural Dog Treat Boxes are full of delicious and fun things to make sure your dog fulfilled and happy.  

Inside your Enrichment Bundle Box you will find;

A Snuffle Ball - Our signature rainbow design, perfect for hiding treats in.

The XL Soother Lickimat - Amazing for spreading our Pate on and freezing.

A 200g Duck Pate - Made from 100% natural Duck.

Ostrich Training Treats - A perfect Training Treat made from pure Ostrich. 

A 165ml bottle of Yak Sprinkles - An amazing topper made from pure ground down Yak cheese.  

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