Ronnie Rhino Eco Dog Toy


"Ronnie makes such a cute addition to Jerry's toy box, Jerry loves him" - Alex, Hoomum to Jerry. 


Our Ronnie Rhino Eco Dog Toy is made from four layers of jute twin stitched over recycled cotton and jute rope, and a recycled bottle to add that "CRUNCH" when playing. Covered in a soft suede, Ronnie has a Velcro behind so you can replace the crinkler bottle or add tasty treats to really get your dog interested! 

Ronnie Rhino is 30cm x 11cm x 5 cm.

What's so great about Ronnie Rhino?

Infographic showing that toy is strong and toughInfographic showing that toy is naturally madeInfographic showing that toy is ethically produced

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