JR Pet Products Chicken Pate


"Tommy is obsessed with Chicken Pate, it's the perfect training treat" - Josh, Hoodad to Tommy.

Made from 100% fresh Chicken, our JR Pet Products Chicken Pate is delicious, tasty & natural. Our unique firm pate like texture is ideal for using on our Lickimats but also firm enough to cube and use as dog training treats. Our pate has zero preservatives, additives, grains or gluten and can be frozen.

TOP TIP - Spread on to one of our Lickimats and freeze for a perfect summertime cooling snack. 

Key benefits of our JR Pet Products Chicken Pate;

  • Perfect as a high value training treats
  • Great for Lickimats and Kongs
  • 100% Chicken
  • Zero additives or preservatives
  • Can be frozen

Chew rating 1 - A quick snack. 

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