JR Pet Products Turkey Pate


"This Pate is just amazing, it's the perfect recall treat" - Amanda, Hoomum to Buster.

Our JR Pet Products Turkey Pate is made from 100% fresh Turkey. Delicious, tasty & natural, our unique pate is ideal for using on our Lickimats but also firm enough to cube and use as dog training treats. Our Turkey Pate has zero preservatives, additives, grains or gluten and can be frozen. 

TOP TIP - Chop it up into tiny pieces to use as sprinkles on top of your dogs food.

Key benefits of our JR Pet Products Turkey Pate;

  • Is perfect for dicing up to make great training treats
  • Low in fat
  • Additive and preservative free
  • 100% pure turkey
  • Soft and palatable

Chew rating 1 - A quick snack. 

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Customer Reviews

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Susan levine
The most elegant treat!

We have been using the pate in several ways: 1) rubbing it on the lickimat, 2) slicing it into little wedges for snacks/training treats, and 3) slicing it into discs and freezing it and using it as a high value reward. The dogs love it in each form. We typically do lickimats and wedges for the first few days and then frozen discs for the rest of the tube as it says to use it within 3-5 days. So it works perfectly. Great product and awesome value. Another PetBuddy win!

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