Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy While Working From Home

Since the Covid Pandemic, the levels of dog ownership went through the roof. The working landscape has changed too, the amount of people now working from home or enjoying the benefits of hybrid working has increased hugely.  

It's not easy to work with dog's at home though, barking on teams calls isn't normally the kind of input that's welcome.  Having a puppy who craves your attention can be distracting and not conducive to a successful working day. It's always helpful to have a few ways to entertain your dog or keep them occupied when you are trying to stay focused on work.

Below are some good ways to keep your dogs occupied, as well as how to set yourself up for success while working from home with your pet.

Give Your Dog Interactive Toys and Long-Lasting Chews

Long lasting dog chews have so many health benefits, from teeth cleaning to satisfying the natural chewing instinct and releasing happy hormones. We have a great range of long lasting chews which amazing for keeping your dog busy and entertained.  

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Dog Toys and Puzzle Toys to Keep Them Busy

There's times when dogs need to be entertained and keeping them occupied with a puzzle toy is a great way to keep them occupied.  Dogs that have pent up energy benefit from being mentally stimulated and things like Snuffle Mats that have treats hidden in it are perfect. 

Another great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated is by giving them a puzzle to solve. One of the most cost effective ways to hide treats and keep your dog entertained is the simple toilet roll game. Simply use an empty toilet roll holder, fold down the edges, cut holes in it and fill with treats. For a step by step check out our Instagram

Try Calming Treats 

If you’re dealing with a dog with high levels of anxiety and one that finds it difficult to settle, there are lots of different treats that can help calm them down. 

Herbs like Chamomile have been used as an ancient, herbal remedy for centuries and has been shown to help benefit pet health. It's properties really help ease a stressed-out pup into a more relaxed state.

Our delicious Fish Crunchies with Chamomile dog treats  are perfect for relaxing your dog! 

Create a Safe Space

Creating a safe environment for your dog while busy (or away) at work is vital to the development of your new puppy or dog. It gives your dog their own space to be able to settle and snooze. Crate training is great but not every dog likes a crate so it can be a bed too. 

Add a few toys, a tasty treat, and you will be set to keep your dog happy in a safe and comfortable space. 

Take A Walk

Walking and getting some fresh air has so many benefits for both you and your dog, it's amazing for your mental health and is a perfect way to give your dog opportunities to have a good sniff around and a enriched walk. 

Different breeds will need different levels of exercise but lunchtime is a perfect time to take a break from work and head out with your pup. Even small dogs can benefit from a long walk and a tired dog will be less likely to become bored or destructive. 

Hire Someone to Walk Your Dog

Just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean you have more time to take breaks during the day. If you cannot take breaks to walk your dog, you can hire a dog walking service to help. Here at PetBuddy, we have a fully insured and experienced dog walking service which we've been running for 10 years covering East London. 

We help create a routine for your dog, which becomes a stress reliever and limits the anxiety of being left alone. Dogs learn to anticipate their walk routine, thus steering them away from boredom and the potential for destruction. It's a big help to pet parents!

To learn more about or to book our service, email us at petbuddyinfo.uk@gmail.com


As convenient and enjoyable working at home may be, it can be difficult for dogs to manage. Dogs like a schedule they can depend on, and when their home life changes drastically, it can become tricky for them. When you establish a new routine, the adjustment period can be frustrating, but with our tips, you can have a happy work life at home with your pup.