The best chew toys for your dog

The best chew toys for your dog

What are the best chew toys? Do you need a  chew toy that’s built to last? Maybe you have a pupper who loves to rip and tear their toys. 

We're here to help, we only ever want to supply things for your dogs that are the best possible quality and that includes our toys. We've done our homework and  have found you some super tough dog toys for big and small chewers. You can be sure these dog toys will scratch your dog’s chewing itch! 

Dogs need to chew, it's a natural behaviour as well as strengthening their jaw muscles.  Dog's need to chew and they should be given access to appropriate natural chew treats and chew toys so that they don’t chew up things they shouldn't and which can pose real dangers. 

Best chew toys for little pups

Some smaller dogs prefer a small toy to chew away on.  Even for little guys and girls, the toy must be strong and durable to withstand your dog's teeth. Here’s a roundup of our favourite smaller toys for super chewers.

Available in an array of beautiful toys, our Eco Range is specifically designed for dogs who like to play hard! The natural stuffing design is made with natural fibres and by-products, as well as being triple stitched seams which will keep your dog busy and the toy intact. 

Audrey Avocado and Austin Aubergine are the most popular toys in our Eco Range for smaller dogs, both super cute and the little ropes are perfect for chewing and tossing around.  

We can't be forgetting the magnifique Francois le Frog who little Wilfred here loves, he's the cutest little frog you ever did see! Francois is tough and long lasting and he's produced without using any added compound that would harm or be released when chewed.  Francois is stuffed with jute Jute is 100% biodegradable.

Best chew toys for big dogs and super chewers

Dogs need something to get their teeth into and we've got some great options that will look great in any toy box. Our toys will allow your dog to really go to town on the chewing and strengthen their jaws, and will suit even the most aggressive chewers. Here are our favourite super tough dog toys for aggressive chewers.

My personal fave and our best-seller, Stickman is perfect for strong and super chewers, expect him to last a while. With his cute rope legs and arms, he's perfect for flinging around too! 

Sid the Squid has a lovely round head that's stuffed with jute and is great for nibbling on!  He's triple stitched and made from suede and will give your dog's jaws a great workout


Should I be worried about my dogs chewing?

All dogs need to chew. Young puppies chew whilst teething, adolescent dogs chew to strengthen their jaw muscles and adults chew for fun. All dogs, even strong or aggressive chewers should be allowed to chew, it's just about choosing the right one to withstand aggressive chewing!

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