Fishy Feast Bundle Box


'All of Spike's fave fishy treats in one place, what could be better?!" - Deborah, Hoomum to Spike.

Our natural dog treat boxes are so convenient! Dive right in and see what's inside our Fishy Feasts Bundle Box! Full of delicious Fish treats and supplements packed with Omega 3&6, all perfect for brain and heart health as well as a lovely glossy coat! 

Inside your Fishy Feasts Bundle Box you will find;

Plaice Sticks - Hypoallergenic and low fat, deliciously fishy!

Cod Skin Feasts - 100% natural air dried cod skin.

Salmon Training Treats - The perfect fishy training treat.

Andy Anchovies - High in protein and low in calories, air dried to perfection for any fish lover! 

Fish Jerky Fingers - Amazing air dried fish skin fingers which are brilliant for cleaning teeth

A 500ml bottle of Salmon Oil - Our Salmon Oil is the best fishy supplement for your dog which promotes a shiny coal, helps reduce itchiness in dogs and improves overall immunity for your pup.

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