Long Lasting Bundle Box


"Tato is a big chewer and needs the big boy chews to keep him satisfied, this box is perfect for him!" - David, Hoodad to Tato.

Our Long Lasting Bundle Boxes are filled with those treats that will keep your dog busy for hours, allowing you to get on with your day knowing your dog has a healthy and nutritious treat on the go.

Inside your Long Lasting Bundle Box you will find;

Venison Skin - Delicious, long lasting and hypoallergenic! 100% pure Venison Skin.

A 30cm Braided Lamb - Rawhide free and completely natural, perfect for a long chew.

A 30cm Odourless Bulls Pizzle - Air dried to perfection, totally natural pizzle! 

Beef Tendons - Excellent for a long chew, nice and thick and totally pure.

A Large Yak - Yak is perfect for a good old chew, made from Himalayan Yak's milk, smoked and hardened, a brilliant chew. 

An Ostrich Knuckle - An actual Ostrich Knuckle, full of marrow and air dried to keep all the goodness in. 

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